• Lipinski Violin


    Learn more about how the Lipiński Strad compares to other instruments at the Stradivari essay. [ilink url=””]Read the essay.[/ilink]

  • The Lipiński Violin, Dec. 2012

    Contemporary Photographs

    Here are a series of photos from December 2012 of the “Lipiński” Strad, along with some photos relevant to the essay on Stradivari. All photographs of Lipiński Strad are courtesy of Michael Darnton [ilink url=””]Read the Stradivari essay.[/ilink]

  • Schumann on ProTools

    A Violin’s Life Recording Session

    Here are a few random shots from the recording sessions back in August, 2012. Photo Descriptions (from top to bottom): Schumann on ProTools. Take 167 for the Caprice? The important guys on the team. The important guys on the team, plus one. Evans and Ric. Just try to find a copy of this….thx again to ... Read more

  • Lipiński

    Here are various depictions of the violin’s namesake, Karol Lipiński. [ilink url=””]Full History[/ilink]

  • Röntgen Family

    Here are some larger images associated with the essay on the Röntgen family. [ilink url=””]Full History[/ilink]

  • Liivak-Anschuetz Archive

    Evi Liivak

    The violin soloist Evi Liivak of Estonia acquired the Lipinski in early 1962. At that time, and for over thirty years still to come, she lived in New York City with her husband, Richard Anschuetz, who was a concert pianist and her accompanist. [ilink url=””]Full History[/ilink]